After school art: journeys to school and flights of imagination

A chaotic day at art club today as we were sharing our space with all the parents in for book day. Last weekend I’d been at Tate Britain exploring ways of creating trails using digital technology and I wanted to play with some of the ideas for our ‘Journeys to School’ theme.

So this week I decided that as part of our large trail we’d create some stories about imaginary events on the way to school. The children started by drawing rough stories thinking about place, character, something they find and what happens and how the story ends.

I’d made some concertina books for them to work in and after working with some rough stories they set about recreating them using fabric collage and oil pastels. Sometimes the fabrics themselves took the stories in a whole new direction particularly when Sebastian discovered the tiger fur and feathers.

Art after school, The Feast, the installation

Over the last four weeks we have been working towards our autumn feast installation at art club. We wanted to create an artwork that made us celebrate the fruit and vegetables available in the garden and countryside at this time of year and how they could be imaginatively prepared.

The children, very beautifully, laid out their collaged plates, handmade felt, recipe cards and very imaginative food sculptures on their hand painted tablecloth. Luckily we also had a batch of pear and almond cakes to share with our exhibition visitors.

Art after school: The Feast, feltmaking

Because the autumn leaves are so perfect this week I brought a selection along to inspire our felt making. The children spent a while observing the leaves and making sketches before starting. A lot of the children had made felt with me before and after trying a various hairstyles and facial hair with the wool roving they got stuck into the activity using coloured fibres, yarns and felt scraps to create some carefully observed and some imaginary leaves.

These photos are of the leaves before the rolling process . The children finished the session by making invitations to invite their parents to their feast exhibition next week.

After school art: nests

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Handmade felt eggs

WP_000982Last art club before Easter and we just couldn’t resist the eggs. Liz brought along some rush for the children to weave into birds’ nests. She buys her rush from a lady in Bedfordshire who goes out to collect it in her boat.

We then showed the children how to used dyed wool fibre to create handmade felt eggs. Quite a few of them had made flat felt with us before and took a while to get used to going 3D. Once they got the hang of it though they quickly filled their nests and I think there were a few attempts at making felt birds as well.