After School Art Club, musical instruments

This week’s session started by revisiting the blind contour drawing of musical instruments the children had made last week. I pasted these onto a large sheet of paper and we took a closer look at them. The children began to see recognisable shapes that might initiate another drawing and I invited them to draw ‘in conversation’ with what was there and with each other. The only rule was to avoid drawing on somebody else’s lines. Fergus immediately found moustache like shapes in the baritone drawing.


Next we tried some quick gestural drawings experimenting with ink and brush. I’d also brought wire and found metal objects to extend these drawings. The children found their own direction with these objects modelling inventive instruments and using them for printing.



After School Art Club, musical instruments


Only 2 sessions for this group and both will take close looking and drawing as their starting point.

I managed to get hold of some old brass instruments and after identifying them all we used some different methods of looking.

Firstly we ran our fingers around the objects looking for the edges then followed this up by drawing the lines we could see in the air.

Next we tried our some blind contour drawing and some of the children developed this into continuous line drawing and also laying the instrument on the paper and drawing round it. Chloe bravely tried drawing with her eyes closed feeling her way around the objects.

After the focussed drawing some of the children moved into imaginary drawings based on their observations and questioning the stories behind the musical instruments. Who used to own them, why were they no longer played and what will happen to them next.

A couple of people decided to let their instruments rejoin an orchestra and managed to conjure up other instruments to draw.



Art Club, food drawings

We’re working with two very enjoyable ideas this term, drawing and food. Maybe we’ll finish up drawing with food or making edible drawings-who knows?

This week I brought along some fish fresh from the fish counter and was really impressed how the children’s curiosity took over very quickly. We worked on careful observation using blind contour drawing with handwriting pens. We then repeated the exercise  allowing ourselves to glance at the paper.


Next we thought about how our drawings could be more interesting. We made cards with different marks on then looked at where we could use these mark making techniques on our fish drawings.

Finally we looked at what would happen if we used a wash over the handwriting pens. Everybody spent the rest of the session experimenting with line, wash and colour resulting in some beautiful and delicate drawings.



Art Club, lichens

I’ve been trying to let the children lead my session planning more this term. Last week we enjoyed working with natural objects so this week I brought in some of the amazing lichen I’ve been finding in the forest this month. As they’d enjoyed working with colour last week I decided to introduce water colours this week. Some of the children used a mixed media approach combining the paint with charcoal and oil pastel.

Art club, large loose flower drawings

It was our first art club after half term with quite a few new faces. I decided to start with some drawing to loosen up and took in some spectacular frilled tulips from the market.

We started with some blind contour drawing to slowly look at the shapes of the flowers then tried some looser drawing with charcoal. As the main activity each child worked on a piece of paper as long as themselves and created huge oil pastel drawings of their flowers. This involved quite a lot of logistical planning for them as they had to work out how to draw right to the top of the paper.

I was impressed how the children returned to their drawings to add extra colour details in the flower heads noting where the colours changed and blended.