Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds 200th anniversary: a community made mosaic

The mosaic designed for a very large wall in the theatre garden shows various characters associated with the story of the theatre since its opening 200 years ago.

We have made it together with six local primary schools and theatre staff over a 2 month period. Its been an interesting process, trying to offer some creative decision making for the people taking part while ensuring the design works as a whole. Local people answered a call out for unwanted ceramics which were used to make around half of the artwork. You might spot a few different queens in there if you have sharp eyesight..

I think we’ve come to an understanding that its all about learning a new process: something very different to the techniques learnt it school. Mosaic making for outdoors involves hard messy materials and very exciting tools. Here’s a list of ideas from Year 3s of what they imagined the glass mosaic tiles might be made of.

And here’s Dave, the man with the crucial task of getting that arc of numbers perfect otherwise we’d never be able to look at it again.

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