The Curious Cabinet Day 1: a site responsive artwork to encourage future stories and art-making


Dear Class,

 You are invited to visit the Curious Cabinet.  The cabinet has been delivered to your school for your inspection, deliberation, fascination and to make you curious too.

 Go and examine the weird and wonderful objects within, consider the things that might live there, look for ways in, look for ways out, look for any magic you might be the only one to see.  Use your wildest imagination.

Then, shut your eyes and invent what you would like to be there…

Write to me, describing what you are thinking of…

Is it a creature?  Is it a place?  Is it an adventure?  

Please tell me what only YOU know about what there may be in my cabinet.

Roll up your paper, tie it carefully, and deliver it to the cabinet to inspire someone else another day.

 With my thanks for your help,

 The Keeper of the Cabinet

Day 1 of our Guildhall Feoffment primary school residency. Each class receives the letter inviting them to visit the Curious Cabinet.  The cabinet is very much a curious affair, its contents spilling out into the room, you could find anything from a hornet’s nest to half eaten sandwiches with dubious filling. This is the starting point for our art making and storytelling. Over the week we’ll be working with the children to make an installation for an area high up in the school hall: nobody goes up there, anything could live in the dusty corners, perhaps MOTHS…..


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