The Curious Cabinet Day 2: a site responsive artwork to encourage future stories and art-making

A day of making for the installation. Year 5 and 6 closely observe images of moths and create print blocks using foam sheets on cardboard plates. These are inked up, chincolle added for colour and then passed through the etching press that is visiting the school for the day. The children produce beautifully cut and intricate designs for their moths which are then cut out and installed in old picture frames.

Year 4 make printed papers using lino cutting tools to carve potatoes. These are inked up and the colours layered using ink stamp pads. The children love using the lino tools which carry a degree of risk. This is the humble spud having its moment. As soon as the paper is dry we have a whole class origami lesson, folding the papers into a flock of moths, each displayed on a long willow stick.

Early years have the joyful experience of shaving foam and brightly coloured school paint to produce these beautifully marbled moths. Years 1, 2 and 3 use textile techniques, weaving cocoons and frames,.

At the end of Day 2 we’re all exhausted with a day of building to go.


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