Fine Not Fine Launch Event

For the Fine Not Fine campaign set up by our amazing friend Jordanna Campbell to help young people struggling with mental health.

With artist Elizabeth Cooke

The Fine Not Fine campaign kicked off with a day of activity in the centre of the busy shopping area of Bury St Edmunds. Passersby were invited to pause and experience performances, poetry, live art and people’s personal stories about mental health. Jordanna invited us to make an installation that people could interact with by adding positive thoughts and wishes for people who might not be feeling fantastic. Our large brain was festooned with hundreds of positive thoughts collected from students from local schools. Many more were added on the day and reading these messages was for many people an emotional moment. Heidi also led a live art performance bringing around 40 people together in a circle for 15 mins, mouths sealed with duct tape, a representation of those who can’t share their thoughts and find it difficult to communicate with others about their mental health, those that might just tell us they’re fine.

The Fine Not Fine campaign continues with the Big Scream painting event in July and an exhibition and auction in October.



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