The art of messaging

A five week project for Open House, Kettles Yard with a group of Year 4 and 5 students in a Cambridge primary School. Helped out by Virtually There Studio and Cambridge Amateur Radio Club.

Past, present and future communication technology, what’s the best way to get our message across, how much do we want people to know? Is a straight to the point message the best or do we want to convey our emotions and mood?

Over 5 weeks we tried out messaging with words, images and body language; investigated old devices; learnt how to communicate with microbits with an introduction to coding; built morse code buttons; sent messages with 2 way radios and wrote letters to the future about our ideas.

All this research was shared with the rest of the school and parents with an installation we made together using Bare Conductive Electric paint and touchboards. We attached soundfiles to the drawings and invited the audience to explore the multi-sensory exhibit.

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