Art after school: light into dark

Back to art club after the clock change, by the end of these four weeks we’d be starting the sessions at dusk, a perfect time to think about light and dark.

As a starting point we set up pigeon light boxes using a collection of high powered torches. How did the torch need to be angled to create the most interesting shadow and perhaps more of a challenge, how could we keep the torch and subject in place while we drew them?

We used charcoal, starting  by covering our paper with a mid ground and then making lighter and darker tones using a rubber and denser charcoal coverage. Drawing the shadow needed some encouragement but everyone was surprised by the extra drama it added to the drawings.

This session was followed up by painting extended and distorted shadows of small figurines. As often is the way with painting, I didn’t manage to photograph the process.

In the third session I wanted to further develop the idea of using light to distort and transform. The children all understood the concept of imagining shapes in the shadows of their rooms. In this activity we worked with wire, pipe cleaners and foils to make sculptures that might be transformed as a projected image. The projected light was kept in place throughout the activity  for the children to check the progress of their piece with the option of adding coloured filters.

Last art club before Christmas but still November. The snowflakes were an acknowledgement that the season was upon us and an introduction to Japanese Notan cut-outs, creating a balance between light and dark. I really enjoyed how the children explored this idea and often took it off in their own directions.

Looking forward to new projects and ideas in JAnuary.

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