Into the Somewhere

Working with theatre maker Dominic Biddle

Into the Somewhere started out as a research project investigating innovative ways to bring together performance and visual art. It also looked to make an art encounter relevant to the thoughts and concerns of primary school children.

Six months later the Somewhere Place has starting appearing in schools around the region. As researchers we always have a limited time to enter and explore this place and we enlist the help of a team of research assistants from the school.

The children think about and experiment with the skills and tools they might need in an unknown place and how they might approach anything that might be living there.

The skills of the artist and scientist coincide in this cross curricular experience. We practice deep looking using all our senses, we ask questions, we make connections, propose theories, start to make meaning and create a new story. Most importantly, we stay curious.

This encounter considers how we approach the unknown and how not knowing the answers can sometimes lead to creative acts. Perhaps it touches on how we live in uncertain times but equally it asks how we can think like artists.

Into the Somewhere is currently available as a half day in school experience for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We are also developing the project for other situations so get in touch if you’re interested in the idea.

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