With theatre maker Dominic Biddle, R & D project commissioned by Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds for Once Upon a Festival

Sumfing’s inside


Sumfing won’t get up


Something’s outside


Sumfings Up!

Theatre maker Dominic Biddle and visual artists, Jacquie Campbell and Heidi McEvoy-Swift, are collaborating with children’s imaginations to create a theatre piece that speaks directly from the child.

We have designed and built a portable immersive space that children are invited into, to discover Sumfing. Sumfing is inside a big box that will not open.

Over the course of 50 minutes, the children discover and express what Sumfing might be, using word, sound, and making.  Together we uncover Sumfing, personify Sumfing and empower Sumfing: A large-scale puppet. Finally, they send Sumfing on its way, through the door, altered by their responses, into the world.

Through this process the children will help us create a piece of theatre for Bury St Edmunds’ Once Upon a Festival.


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