Enchanted Heath, West Stow


Enchanted Heath at West Stow Anglo Saxon Village launched the newly installed Beowulf Trail and Rojo Art offered interpretation and art activities for the day and evening events. During the day we invited people to explore natural materials from the Brecks to make imaginary landscapes inspired by the local environment. Our participants, mainly under 5, got stuck into the clay and used local flints, cones, sand, chalk, snail shells, bark and bones amongst other things to work with. Thank you to Breaking New Ground for these photographs as we didn’t have a camera with us.

In the evening we transformed the education centre into a lantern making workshop and worked with 300 people to make lanterns that would alert the inhabitants of the woods to their presence as they set out on the night time trail. We worked with collected milk containers which were cut to allow the light to shine through and embellished with willow sticks and ivy.

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