Art in the Park, Outdoor Studio


First of six art sessions with families in Nowton Park, exploring and engaging with a woodland copse through art making.

The morning started with feltmaking on the woodland floor adding in natural materials, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidently. We looked for good textured surfaces onto which we could roll, or full, the felt. The tree trunks were a perfect solution. Feltmaking in the outdoors appeared to offer more opportunities to experiment and felt a much easier process.

The afternoon was a more experimental session than the skills-led morning. I offered small notebooks and materials and equipment for observing, recording and collecting. The children set off into the copse with a ball of yarn to mark their trail through the space and found places where they could sit and closely observe.

I imagined the yarn trails would be the starting point for a follow up activity making maps of their journeys but they proved to be a good starting point to encourage exploration and spatial mapping.

Some fascinating field journals emerged with notes written on leaves; poetry inspired by trees; careful measurements of found specimens; secretive collections and innovative visual records.

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