Art after school, using clay to capture tree textures


Back to art club today with some old faces and a couple of new ones. This term I wanted to once again work with subjects relevant to a rural school and also explore some ideas I’d been having while walking in the forest.
We started this week discovering the texture of tree bark. The children drew the bark patterns by touch and tried out some rubbed textures on a large shared drawings. We discovered oil pastels made the best rubbings and that the bark smelt of mould, mushrooms and Sebastian’s garden den. A variety of bugs escaped from the bark and we tried to draw them as well.

I then introduced some air-drying clay. The children looked at tree structures and used the clay to make their own on a large ceramic tile, some went for 2D and some 3D, others created some amazing patterns populated by clay characters.

We used various tools to make marks to represent the texture of bark. A bead coaster was a particular favourite.

Next week we’ve decided to paint the tiles and clay trees.


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