After school art: nests

After building nest structures from willow and dogwood last week it was now time to weave a home for the birds. The children thought about what their individual birds might need and how they incorporate any suitable materials to hand.

These nests were lined and woven with a huge variety of natural materials but also some manmade additions such as net Satsuma bags.

This week one of the children created a baby bird from a milk bottle top and this idea inspired many more versions.

Many of the nests were exhibited hanging like cocoons. Using natural materials to create form led to fascinating organic shapes which initially frustrated some of the children. After thinking about the untidiness of the real bird’s nest that we’d handled and the images of the artists’ nests that had also been our inspiration they realised the potential of the materials. If there had been another week available it would have been interesting to move on to abstract sculpture using the same materials.

I apologise for the lack of photos as the ipad was rather temperamental tonight.

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