After school art: garden birds

In the stark winter landscape garden birds are suddenly very visible and the children at Lawshall have some interesting garden visitors including spotted woodpeckers and barn owls.

As a starting point for the four sessions the children are creating bird sculptures using foam board and wire. They spent time working out how to make their sculpture balance on the spindly supports and ensuring their bird could be viewed from any angle. We have spent two weeks on this activity so that some of the children have been able to develop the techniques learnt in another artwork.

Next week we’ll be making nests and we ended today looking at some fantastical artist created nests and equally impressive ones made by birds. We discussed how a bird might want its nest to be and the materials it might use.

I asked the children to start sketching nest ideas for their birds and interestingly they exhibited these with their birds when their parents arrived, that was an unexpected outcome!

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