Big Draw, Bury St Edmunds Inside Out

Anyone out and about around The Apex in the town centre yesterday was invited to visit our pop up outdoor Sketching Station. Participants were encouraged to think about, remember or imagine a particular place in the town that is special to them. This special place could be indoors or outdoors, past, present or future. A selection of black pens was available with a variety of whitewashed cardboard boxes to draw on. All the surfaces of the boxes were used with some fascinated panoramas to be discovered hidden away on the insides.
At the end of the event the boxes were constructed into a shared artwork and exhibited in the window of the Apex.
It was fascinating to see themes emerging in the chosen places and drawings. Many people depicted the flint work of the abbey ruins and buildings around Bury with many of the children drawing the patterns within this in great detail.
This project was initiated by our urban sketchers group which seeks to explore the town through drawing. Through the Big Draw event local people questioned what connected them to the town and also Charter Square as a social space for getting together and drawing.






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