after school art: drawing small and big

After stretching our imaginations last week this Monday we returned to close observational drawings. I gave each of the children a large piece of paper with some tiny objects scattered on it and encourage them to look closely and draw each object using mainly their fingers and wrists to make the marks. Some of the drawings were almost too tiny to see but incredibly detailed when viewed with the magnifying sheet.

We then did some charcoal mark making exercises and selected a small object to draw really large.

This time the children drew with their whole arm with sweeping gestural strokes. I encouraged them to try and draw everything they saw including the shadows.

After the session we set out the drawings on the floor for a discussion. Most of the children had enjoyed the large drawings more. We talked about how we’d used hard pencils for the small drawings and charcoal for the large. One of the girls who liked to work small said she’d like to make a huge drawing in hard pencil. This brought to mind a wall sized pen and ink drawing I’d seen in the Saatchi’s ‘Paper’ exhibition. I must take that image next week.

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