Walking on Water

As Rojo Art Projects CIC we’re currently developing ideas for a heritage and arts project in Bury St Edmunds centred around a walking exploration of hidden water in the town.
Sometimes the River Lark and Water Meadows take a back seat in the landscape and how often do we question the history behind street names such as Well St, Pump Lane and Raingate St. We would like to work with local people exploring the heritage of these enigmatic names and places through performing and visual arts leaving in place a walking trail that helps us view our town from a different perspective.

If you have any stories or information that you’d like to share with us please get in touch by email rojoart3@yahoo.co.uk or of course you can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook if you prefer. Any water based stories are of interest, they don’t have to be from the distant past.

We’re be posting water related snippets on this blog so follow us if you’d like to keep up to date. In the meantime I reckon this must be the highest body of water in the town.

2014-04-07 13.31.32


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