After school art: plant stories

For our last session this term we explored the idea of creating a narrative from the idea of the plants the children had created just keeping on growing.

First of all we had a 10 min session sharing ways to use charcoal. The children then set up their plants within a white box like a stage set and added a few more props to create a story. Using torches they looked at ways they could light the scenes in the most dramatic way.

With the lights off they used charcoal to draw their dramatic scenes-in retrospect I think this would have been fun photographed or filmed so maybe next time…. The children then decided to share their stories with the rest of the group. I’m really enjoying the fact that even the youngest members enjoy standing up in the group and talking about their artwork

Sorry no photos as it was rather dark and we were rather rushed but here are some photos of the children’s plant laboratory.

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