Art after school: Where the dinosaurs roam, imagined landscapes

We have twenty one children in art club at Norton. This afternoon we split them into three groups and gave them textured rocks, plastic dinosaurs, plants and clay and let them create their own dinosaur lands to draw.

We started off with some blind contour drawings in their sketchbooks to loosen up and try and capture the shapes. When they felt more confident they drew the dinosaur scenes large and looked at ways of adding texture marks to the dinosaur skins.

We didn’t get too many pictures as it was a little busy at the end trying to get finished.

2 thoughts on “Art after school: Where the dinosaurs roam, imagined landscapes

  1. What a good idea, using rocks and plants to create a dinosaur landscape. I did a similar project with kindergarten kids where they made detailed observational drawings of plastic dinosaur models – they loved it and their drawings were great! See the results here:
    I know they would love making their own Jurassic Parks! I might have to steal this idea….

  2. It was fun but we did reach a point where they got really into the foliage then couldn’t find the dinosaurs to draw. I took along some volcanic lava which they all loved.

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