Art after school, found and imagined textures

Our first of four art clubs exploring texture, today we discussed what we meant by texture P1060820and how we might use it in our art. To get started we gave each of the children a bag with something hidden inside then asked them to describe what they could feel and try and draw it using different materials and techniques. A lot of the children enjoyed using charcoal, covering their page entirely then making marks with a rubber.

Next they took turns suggesting words to describe texture and made marks to represent the words. I think scaly and spiky were the favourite ideas to draw.

Finally we used rubbings to discover what textures night be found on the surfaces of the school hall. The children selected their favourites to add to their sketchbooks and some of the children extended the activity transforming the rubbings into drawings or abstract designs.

Here’s a selection of sketchbook work:

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