After school art: drawing and collecting textures

For the next four weeks we will be exploring how artists use texture in their artwork. We WP_001937passed some artwork around the table and tried to describe their texture in words (we liked ‘scratchy’). The children were then given a bag with something hidden inside. Without looking they felt the object and tried to draw, with a variety of media, the surface that they could feel.

Next we decided to see how many interesting textures we could find in our immediate environment. We discussed how we could take a rubbing for hard surfaces and would have to draw a softer surface. The children collected the textures on different papers and created a texture library in their sketchbook. They then took larger rubbing and created a communal texture map  of the classroom.

To finish the session we reflected on which surfaces had revealed the most interesting textures and discussed how we might use these in our art next week.

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