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Rojo Art are artists and developers of art projects outside gallery settings. Since 2002 we have been creating imaginative spaces and processes for people to make art and explore their connections to each other and the place they live. We recognise that the act of making allows a different quality of conversation and experience to take place

We are an evolving practice so check back regularly….

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After School Art Club, Lawshall

This was the last session of exploring water and again tried using it as the medium. We started with marbling using water, oil and food colouring thinking about the science behind the technique.
To finish we tried the same technique using diluted acrylics and shaving foam. This was a first for me and lots of fun.






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After School Art Club, Lawshall and Norton

In this week’s art club we continued to work with the rain theme-it was still raining. The children looked at reflections in distorted reflective surfaces and tried to capture these by drawing around each other’s image. They decided that reflections were quite wobbly, broken up and not the same colour as the real thing.

We created layered drawings of water and reflections using translucent paper thinking about the strength of the mark making on each layer.







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After school art club at Norton Primary School

Norton’s ideas on the rain and puddle theme.



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After School Art Club, Lawshall

Back to art club with a topical theme and watery materials;


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After School Art club, All Saints Primary, Lawshall

Back to art club today with some old faces and a couple of new ones. This term I wanted to once again work with subjects relevant to a rural school and also explore some ideas I’d been having while walking in the forest.

We started this week discovering the texture of tree bark. The children drew the bark patterns by touch and tried out some rubbed textures on a large shared drawings. We discovered oil pastels made the best rubbings and that the bark smelt of mould, mushrooms and Sebastian’s garden den. A variety of bugs escaped from the bark and we tried to draw them as well.

I then introduced some air-drying clay. The children looked at tree structures and used the clay to make their own on a large ceramic tile, some went for 2D and some 3D, others created some amazing patterns populated by clay characters.

We used various tools to make marks to represent the texture of bark. A bead coaster was a particular favourite.

Next week we’ve decided to paint the tiles and clay trees.


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Center Parcs, Elveden

This is a Halloween commission for Center Parcs, Elveden. These ghostly figures can be glimpsed flitting through the woodland near the arrivals lodge.

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Bury Wolf Trail

This is a rather retrospective post as we’ve had a summer holiday offline.

In July the Bury Wolf Trail opened with twenty six wolves to discover in locations around the town centre. Five of the wolves were made by Rojo artists and we’ve added some photos below. Most of these photos were taken from Twitter as we’ve really enjoyed following the images of public interaction with the wolves and reading the numerous blog posts about the trail.

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Art Club, All Saints Primary, Lawshall

We’re working with two very enjoyable ideas this term, drawing and food. Maybe we’ll finish up drawing with food or making edible drawings-who knows?

This week I brought along some fish fresh from the fish counter and was really impressed how the children’s curiosity took over very quickly. We worked on careful observation using blind contour drawing with handwriting pens. We then repeated the exercise  allowing ourselves to glance at the paper.


Next we thought about how our drawings could be more interesting. We made cards with different marks on then looked at where we could use these mark making techniques on our fish drawings.

Finally we looked at what would happen if we used a wash over the handwriting pens. Everybody spent the rest of the session experimenting with line, wash and colour resulting in some beautiful and delicate drawings.



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Feltmaking at Weatheringsett Primary School

Weatheringsett School invited us to work with the children for a day to create a new altar cloth for their school assemblies. We agreed on felt making as a process that all ages of children could be involved in with the artists finishing the artwork using an applique technique.

The children made felt artwork using colours and themes from the four seasons to create a cohesive overall design. Its been a while since we made felt with younger children and it was great to see them enthralled by the magical transformation of the materials.

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Big Red Art workshop at Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

A speedy art activity for under fives between performances of The Big Red Bath at the Theatre Royal. We brought along a multitude of red materials and a vast quantity of red dough and invited the children to create a small red creature that might live in the big red bath. Bubble wrap was a great substitute for bath water and someone even added shower fittings to their creation.

We really enjoyed running this activity which felt process driven, visually appealing and really easy for the children to engage in, with or without their parents.

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